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Taxpayer identification number: 1400528082
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About enterprise

Hung Ca Co., Ltd was official established in February 2006 in Thanh Binh Industrial Zone, Dong Thap Province with 250 ha of farming area and the investment capital USD 45,000,000, at the present, spending seven years establishing and development, Hungca becomes one of Vietnam’s most prestigious and biggest companies in cultivating, processing, exporting Pangasius. Nowaday, Hungca  owns  the farming area increases up 700 hectares across 5 areas in DongThap province such as Hong Ngu, Tam Nong, Thanh Binh, Cao Lanh, Tan Hong, includes 80 hectares and certified by “Global G.A.P”. Hungca is proud of one of these enterprises which have the largest Pangasius farming area in Cuu Long delta. 
Due to upgrading business scale and improving the product quality, Hung Ca has presented at more than 50 countries in the world such as Europe, Russia, Middle East and becomes one the the largest Tra & Basa exportation companies in Viet Nam. In 2010, in order to expand the exporting distribution network all over the world, Hung Ca not only focuses on main markets but also continues to penetrate to prospective markets as well as provides high quality diversified product system, professional customer services to satisfy the international customer more and more.

Hungca factory and Van Y factory, reaching the total capacity of 370 MT of raw material/day
DL 126: Thanh Binh industrial zone, Binh Thanh commune, Thanh Binh district, Dong Thap province.

Mr. Tran Van Hung - Chairman

  • 2006 - Now:  Chairman of Hung Ca Co., Ltd
  • 2007: “Viet Nam’s Creative Symbols” awarded by Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) about research work entitled “Converting the Pangasius farming model in the floating cages to ponds
  • 2008: Top 100 Representative Businessman 2008 awarded by Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) about managing Hung Ca Co., Ltd successful in 2008
  • 2008: Representative Businessman of Viet Nam – Laos - Cambodia
  • 2009 - Now: Chairman cum General Director of Hung Ca Co., Ltd
  • 2010 - Now: Chairman of Van Y Corp.


♦ Golden Brand Award 2007


♦ Golden Brand Award 2008

♦ Golden Cup for Excellent Product – Service 2008

♦ Top 100 Excellent Businesses 2008

♦ Excellent Brand 2008

♦ Viet's Trademarks in WTO Integration Award

♦ Typical Entrepreneurs Vietnam – Laos - Cambodia

♦ Top 100 Vietnamese Leading 2008


♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2009

♦ Commendation of National Committee for International Economic Corporation

♦ Golden Cup for Vietnamese Excellent Enterprises

♦ Golden Brand Award 2009

♦ Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises – VNR 500

♦ Reliable Exporters 2009

♦ Viet Nam Gold Seafood Quality 2009


♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2010

♦ Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises – VNR 500

♦ Trusted Brand 2010

♦ Excellent Brand 2010

♦ Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises - FAST500

♦ International Quality Crown Award London 2010

♦ Reliable Exporters 2010

2011 ♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2011


Many cooperation contracts signed between Vietnam and US businesses 2016-05-16 06:17:56
In the framework of the special summit of ASEAN -United States, participated by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the United States, the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) and Vietnam enterprises signed a cooperation and investment agreements with partners in the United States.  Accordingly, the BIDV has signed cooperation agreements promoting business activities in life insurance in Vietnam with...
Vinh Hoan corp successfully produces refinded fish oil 2016-05-16 06:20:18
Vinh Hoan Corp has taken a big jump optimizing byproducts from pangasius. After collagen and gelatin from fish skin, the company introduced refined fish oil to the market from June 2015. Production chain and manufacturing processes secure food standards and technical standards in refined fish oil. It is noted that stearin is separated. Without stearin, fish oil would be liquid and do...
Aquatex Ben Tre earned nearly VND 17 billion in Q2 2016-05-16 06:25:37
According to the company's financial report in Q2/2015, net sales valued VND 114 billion.  Profit after-tax of Aquatex Ben Tre reached VND 16.6 billion. source : (

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