Vam Cong Industrial Area, National Road 80, Binh Thanh, Lap Vo, Dong Thap, Vietnam
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1.1.      Capital formation process and business scopes

International Development & Investment Corporahtion (IDI) is a part of a group of companies, which owns and operates fish filleting processing and fish residue processing plants. The affiliated Trisedco is specialized in fish meal and crude fish oil production. All processing facilities are located in the Vam Cong Indutrial Area, covering a total area of 89,882 sqm.

IDI's group of companies is well established in the fish processing industry in Vietnam and holds a strong track record identifying and developing new value adding commercial activities and establishing innovative processing plants within the fish processing and product value chain.

International Development & Investment Corporation (IDI) incorporated in July 2003 by partnership of the Sao Mai Construction and Investment Corporation (Sao Mai An Giang - listing 'ASM') following its business license No. 4103001715 by the Planning & Investment Office in Ho Chi Minh City, the renewed license No. 030141296 of November 9, 2010 by the same office in Dong Thap province, where the plant is located.          

The company has been growing up in significancy following its capital added phases of formation as depicted below,

Founded in 2003 with its initial legal capital of $1,940,000 in 2003, then rose to $3,066,950 in Feb/2007. It shared for 947 holdings, of 20 mil VND or equiv $1,279 per each value for the first time, then secondly $5,768,000 in Aug 2007, thirdly $14,222,024 in Sept 2007, and the fourly $20,287,224 in May 2010.    

Until May, 2011 the company participated in HoSE (HoChiMinh Stocks) entitling 'IDI'

Key activity of the comapny is fish and fish products, composed of fish cultivation, processing, and the value-added products deriving from fish residues, such as fish meal & crude fish oil production for animal feeds, and refining the crude fish oil into a creative range, which so called 'fats & oils' industrial application for food grade.

By this, the company indeed considered as one of the established, reputable, and largest suppliers, dealing with the species of 'Pangasius hypophthalmus' catfish. 

1.2.      Creditableness

With its contributions and achievements, the company honored many awards such as:

Oct 2009: Certificate of merit for the achievements excelled contributing socio-economic development in the province of Dong Thap.

Jan 2010: Entitled 'Gold Quality Seafood Vietnam in 2009' awarded by Vietnam Fishery Association and, the Certified Merit For Gold Quality Seafood Vietnam' 2009, being one of the top 10 fishery companies awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Mar 2010: As the company belonging to the political business group of the An Giang provincial party, this organization has entitled the company of 'transparent and sustainable businesses' in sequential three year period.

Apr 2010: Certificate of Merit for outstandingly contributing in taxes contribution in 2009, which awarded by the provincial authority of Dong Thap.

Nov 2010: Praised for 'sport movement and facility in the region' by the local district authority.


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Address: Vam Cong Industrial Area, National Road 80, Binh Thanh, Lap Vo, Dong Thap, Vietnam

Tel: 0673 680 383 - Fax: 0673 680 382


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