Vinh Hoan corp successfully produces refinded fish oil

Vinh Hoan Corp has taken a big jump optimizing byproducts from pangasius. After collagen and gelatin from fish skin, the company introduced refined fish oil to the market from June 2015.
Production chain and manufacturing processes secure food standards and technical standards in refined fish oil. It is noted that stearin is separated. Without stearin, fish oil would be liquid and do not freeze when temperature falls below 25 Celcius degrees.
Refined fish oil is at least 30% higher value than raw fish oil. Through refined fish oil, Vinh Hoan demonstrates its relentless efforts of the company to increase the value of pangasius.
On 1st August 2015, Vinh Hoan Corp became the world's first company to achieve Global Aquaculture Alliance's 4- star BAP for farmed pangasius. The company completed the evaluation process of BAP for the entire production chain including feed mills, hatcheries, farms and processing plants. This is the highest level of BAP program. This achievement differentiates Vinh Hoan with commitment to providing nutritious food and ensure responsibility to the environment and society.
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  • Packing: 4pcs/box x 20/carton
  • Ingredient: pangasius fish, shrimp, asparagus, mushroom, onion and spices Cooking instruction : Bake at 175oC for 15 minutes
  • Size: 100gr
  • Packing: IQF, 1kg/bag or 5 kg bulk or 10 kg bulk/ctn
  • Specifications: Skin on, boneless, fat on, belly on
  • Size: 300-500, 500-700, 700-1000 (gram/ piece)
  • Glazing: 0- 20% (depend on customer’s requirement)

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