Rise in raw pangasius price


On Mar 15th 2016, in the Mekong Delta, pangasius at export size were priced at VND21,500/kg; higher than that of a week ago (VND20,500/kg). While pangasius seed price also rose owing to high demand. Pangasius seed price increased from VND20,000/kg to VND34,000.
In the first half of March, 2016, raw pangasius price in the Mekong Delta provinces increased by VND3,000/kg.
Raw pangasius price surged dramatically due to shortage of raw pangasius supply in the Mekong Delta provinces.
Currently, processors have to purchase raw pangasius at the size of 700-800 grams to ensure their processing capacity. In addition, the export volume and export price of pangasius to markets like the U.S., Europe, China recovered that leads to insufficient raw material supply.
It is expected that in the period from April to August, 2016, which is the highest time for pangasius exports, will be the peak of the shortage in raw pangasius. Therefore, pangasius price will continue to rise  in both domestic and importing market.

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