Businesses has faced difficulties
- Design content and website which are suitable for specialization or search for industry group or group of topics to select promotion and attract viewers.
- There is no officer to take care the website everyday as well as a lack of labor to update news and transfer the content in to standard English.
- Maintaining hiring domain name, hosting to keep date of the website take much cost annually.
- Businesses want to introduce new service to seafood business (transportation, inspection, training, medicine and so on).
Việt Nam Pangasius Association (Vinapa) would like to invite Honor Businesses join in opening e-booths on the website for businesses specializing in seafood and Mekong seafood industry service of the lower Mekong.
- Opening an e-booth for products of businesses. Vinapa will give business authentication as members who has frequent business activities in Vietnam, which connects to material source, other responsible certifications (if possible) on the website with statistic of material areas which bases on the data managed by Vinapa:
- Vinapa officer will support translation of product information, company capacity, update and translate news following demand of English.
- Managing hosting, taking care of product website for business and it will not take time and cost of business to hire IT, or private interpreter.
- Being exist on the prioritized homepage when there is coming news or exist on the prioritized homepage when Vinapa has media events with international customers (international meeting, international exhibitions, …)
- News level: Business send promotion news in Vietnamese to Vinapa everyday. There are maximum 10 news per week which can be translated (1000 words/English News or 1000 words/ Vietnameses News).
- 1 e-booths: VND5m/year or $250 USD/year according to business oversea.
Contact: Vietnam Pangasius Association - Tel: 02923.819091- Fax:02923.819003
Email: or Hotline: +84.908149631
Account: 0111000199325 Vietcombank Cantho (VND)
Tài khoản: 0111370209369 Vietcombank Can Tho (USD)- SWIF CODE: BFTV VNVX

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